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30 second devotion: Lifestyle

Daily devotional by Pastor Ayres
Heb 12:14
Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

Do you ever wonder about your life’s impact on others lives? Just think for a moment about yourself as a child or about your children. Remember the joy they bring when they come to a place where they can show with their life that they have caught the truth you have been teaching them. I love it when my kids step beyond natural human selfishness and help someone beyond their comfort zone of friends. I am moved deeply when they repent, say they are sorry, love the unlovely, and care about folks in life’s downtrodden way. Likewise God expects us to influence the lives of people around us for His kingdoms sake. Paul tells us we are created for the glory of God, that in salvation we have become His workmanship. Peter warns that life is one day coming to an end therefore we should live lives impacting others for Christ. Jesus calls us to be light and salt in this world. Even The psalmist King David reminds us that He leads us in the paths of righteousness for His name sake. So I ask again. Do you ever wonder if your life is impacting others for Christ? If you are, it brings joy to the heart of God. If you are, your life will be leading others to God. Your life shines like a mirror in the world. Your witness reflects Gods truth or your hypocrisy to others like that mirror. It reflects through your attitudes, actions and words. That is why the bible often calls your life actions and choices the conversation of your life. Think of the cost if your life choices lead people away from God. It has been said its harder to shoot someone face to face than it is to drop a bomb on faceless enemies on the ground. Likewise You might be able to rationalize your sin because you don’t know the ones you lead away from God. Yet what if they are people within your life circle? What if it is your best friend, spouse or your children? Live for God like your friends and families eternity depends upon it. You may be the only bible they ever read.