A word of encouragement from a sojourner for Truth

Worship that pleases God

I worship God as best I can. Vance Havner said once that worship is all that I am in response to all that he is. I like that. Jesus said true worship is in spirit and truth. I also like Paul who said it is with psalms, hymns, spiritual songs and making melody in my heart. At once worship may involve me kneeling before him, weeping and supplication. Other times my hands are raised with the shout of victory. I come to him as I am broken, humble, in faith or in doubt, in fear or in joy, discontent or satisfied. Worship revolves around who I am encountering who he is. Sometimes I approach him yet it is he who apprehendeth me. I love to worship with music too. I believe it is the worship language of the soul. I worship with scripture songs, (psalms), spiritual songs, (praise and worship) hymns, (theology – what we believe). Some are southern gospel, some are ethnic, others are contemporary, some are my own. Some are Gregorian chants, hymns from the 1500s, some are instrumental, and some are responsive reading. Sometimes my worship is corporate and other times I am alone (making melody in my heart). Worship is commanded by God, expected by God and we are without excuse. Worship comes through humility, with exultation, and from the silences of our very core being. God is the God of order and not chaos. That means worship should glorify God,  edify the church and generally bless man. It should be understandable otherwise it cannot edify the body. It must be biblical otherwise it is heresy. If we do not feel we have worshipped because of style or we must be worked up first to worship what do we have different than the heathen on Mt Carmel or those answering the flute and sack but in Daniels day before the kings image. Worship is not based on skin color it crosses all ethnicities. It is not based on language…. for all tongues must praise him. John saw a greathrong of every kindred and tongue worshipping. It must be God honoring or its idolatry. It is about him and not based on my preference nor is it based on my feelings. It may include my preference and result in feelings but it is all about him. He is the subject, the cause and the audience. To him be glory does not necessitate me feeling good. Sometimes worship is celebration and truth. Sometimes worship is awe and silence. Other times worship is humility and judgement. However worship is always truth. We do not say Amen because it feels good. We say Amen because it is truth. Our spirit moves deeply not because of the beat but because of God, who He is and what He has done. God does not need us to place worth on him because we can add to him. He is worthy whether or not we ever worship him. Worship becomes, when done right, a meeting place between man and God. Remember He inhabits the praises of his people. So come let us adore him, worship him and stand in the fear, reverence and holiness of the God who loves us, judges us, and gives us breath


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